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Feedback I’ve Received

“I came to Newsome Therapeutic Practice with a lot of issues revolving around my anxiety surrounding family struggles. Looking back through my life was hard work, but the best work I've done to improve my partnership and my view of myself.”

“Within minutes of my first session with Ben Newsome, I could feel this non-judgmental vibe that allowed me to quickly open up. He gave me the opportunity to sit with my emotions without giving into the shame that had held me captive for so long.”

“I’ve never felt better or more appreciative of my emotions. As an older man, coming to therapy made me feel weak. Within the first few sessions, I felt more able than I had ever felt to engage with my emotions instead of just trying to push them aside. I wish I would have had this experience much earlier in life, but I am grateful for having a healthier relationship to my own emotions. "

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